From deep in the Swedish forest, the only individualist radio programme in Europe.

VSI Radio International

Host Paul Lambert offers commentary on cultural, historical, aesthetic, scientific and political issues from an individualistic perspective.

Click to listen to these archived episodes at your leisure. All as heard and broadcast on WBCQ 7490 kHz.

Season One - Summer 2012Season Two - Summer/Autumn 2013
Episode I
Broadcast on Wednesday 11 July 2012
Episode IX
The Morality of War
Broadcast on Saturday 29 June 2013
Episode II
News versus Information
Broadcast on Wednesday 18 July 2012
Episode X
The Story of Radio Nord Part I
Broadcast on Saturday 6 July 2013
Episode III
Celebrity Opinions
Broadcast on Wednesday 26 July 2012
Episode XI
The Story of Radio Nord Part II
Broadcast on Saturday 13 July 2013
Episode IV
Social Security Bill of Goods
Broadcast on Wednesday 1 August 2012
Episode XII
Authority and Its Source
Broadcast on Saturday 20 July 2013
Episode V
The Aesthetics of Popular Music
Broadcast on Wednesday 8 August 2012
Episode XIII
Breaking the Law
Broadcast on Saturday 27 July 2013
Episode VI
What About the Poor Fellow Who
Broadcast on Wednesday 17 August 2012
Episode XIV
Mailbag & Jukebox
Broadcast on Saturday 3 August 2013
Episode VII
Doing it for Yourself
Broadcast on Wednesday 22 August 2012
Episode XV
Broadcast on Saturday 10 August 2013
Episode VIII
Broadcast on Wednesday 29 August 2012
Episode XVI
The Politics of Name Calling
Broadcast on Wednesday 21 August 2013
Please note that the sound quality
for the first three episodes is rather poor.
Apologies in advance.
Episode XVII
Altruism vs Human Kindness
Broadcast on Wednesday 4 September 2013
Episode XVIII
Tying Up Loose Ends
Broadcast on Wednesday 11 September 2013
Episode XIX
The Greatest Battle
Broadcast on Wednesday 25 September 2013
Episode XX
Common Misconceptions
Broadcast on Wednesday 9 October 2013
Episode XXI
The Black Market
Broadcast on Wednesday 16 October 2013
Episode XXII
The Fallacy of Public Property
Broadcast on Wednesday 23 October 2013
Episode XXIII
Paul Has a Cold
Broadcast on Wednesday 30 October 2013
Episode XXIV
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Broadcast on Wednesday 13 November 2013
Episode XXV
Choices and Consequences
Broadcast on Wednesday 4 December 2013
Episode XXVI
Groupthink and Christmas
Broadcast on Wednesday 11 December 2013

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